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New KoC review by Drifting almost falling

KoC_Driftinig_screeshot.jpg<<“King of Corns” is an ensemble piece constructed by Italian experimentalist Enrico Coniglio (last seen on these pages with his collaboration with Mateo Uggeri on the Dronarivm). This particular release on double LP, CD and digital saw the light of day through the US label Infraction,  hone to the likes of Offthesky & Pleq, Celer, Northern and others. It features outstanding art and layout from James and Heginbottom and Chris Bigg with deft mastering by James Plotkin.>>

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KoC reviewd by Textura.org

<<Cryptic, disturbing, and eerie, like an Edgar Allen Poe poem rendered into gothic musical form, King of Cornsis an undeniably arresting recording from Enrico Coniglio, operating in this case under his My Home, Sinking alias—not that the recording’s tone should come as a total shock when the striking achromatic image on its cover shows a woman with black holes for eyes and a necklace of roses. Recordings by the Venice-based sound artist always reward one’s attention, but this one does even more, not only because of its macabre tone but also thanks to the contributions of others, vocalists Jessica Constable, Violeta Paivankakkara, and Chantal Acda among them.>>

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