About the idea of this blog

I decided to start this blog to tell a story of music, paper and plastic. In few words the making of “Sleet”. But the most important thing to say is that the story of “Sleet” is a story of a self-production. Not only about the music, but most about the package, the artwork, which will come with it…

Sleet” is the title of the new Ep I composed during the 2014 as My Home Sinking. My Home Sinking is a project about folk, perhaps post-rock, but first modern classical and ambient music.

After the release of the eponymous debut album for Fluid AudioDan Crossley’s stunning label, I decided to go for a new work that had to be short, “song” oriented, but mostly a concept album. The concept is quite odd, but will tell about this later. In general “Sleet” has came out quite odd. It’s an album which may have been recorded in the ’70s, that sounds weird (I hope). Maybe wrong, but making it was a blast for me.

  For now that’s all.


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