Why self?

All in all, there is no a simple answer to this question. As the work was taking shape, I was flirting with the idea of ​​doing everything by myself. And if the technical production has always taken place in my home studio, why don’t go DIY also regarding the making of the physical product?

Thus, in early summer, while I was still in the midst of the recordings, I began reasoning with a friend – I will introduce you shortly -, about the meaning of making a crafted artwork.DIYOn the other hand, this meant to give up proposing the release of the Ep to a label, in a few words to go for a self-release. This took me back 15 years ago about, when it was perfectly usual for me to print a cd at my own expense. That meant almost always to make a loss.

And despite these doubts still remain, at a certain point I knew it couldn’t be otherwise: a self-release, a risky business, almost suicidal.

Is there a way back?


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