Introducing… Piero Bittolo Bon

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Piero Bittolo Bon, aka Ropie. Think that we were classmates in high school! Sittin’ in the front pew, close to the teacher’s chair, to do stupid doodles, play naval battle… in short, the usual stuff.
When adult Piero has become a talented jazz musician. “He mainly plays alto saxophone but is also at ease on baritone, bass and alto clarinet and flute. Passionate and vibrant, his music, densely composed or totally improvised, reverberates with echoes of the best of free jazz, fire music, torrid improvisations, sharp attacks and continuous inventions bar after bar…”. For more infos see here.
Over the years, Piero has collaborated to several of my albums and has also taken part in some nice live gigs. On “Sleet” he has played the flute on the title track, giving free rein to his talent in making a lyric/ironic solo.
Here you can also have a taste of what he’s recently experimenting … Really worth stuff!

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