Introducing… Giacomo Vianello

Giacomo, Jack to his friends, is the “thinking mindof the whole artwork for “Sleet“.

Giacomo is an architect, web designer, illustrator, passionate about analog photography and also a folk guitarist. And yet, climber and brave navigator of the lagoon, on board of his wooden small boat, shaped like a walnut shell. To see the things he makes have a look on his website, where you can learn something on his eclectic world.

Giacomo is also an artisanal beers lover… in short, a nice buddy with whom to spend many pleasant evenings…

We reasoned together for months and months, to understand how to make a crafted artwork, but of high level quality.

The package of Sleet” will be made ​​of handmade paper. Giacomo drew up a dedicated template, made an amazing illustration which will be on the front cover, as well as the matrix letterpress for all the text. Without Giacomo, this work could not come out… more about the artwork will come shortly…


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