Introducing… Peter Gallo

I knew Peter through some friends, as, even though he was born in the UK, he now lives in Venice with his family since many years. He’s active in several ensembles between jazz and contemporary classical, including the Laboratorio Nova Musica, directed by the pianist Giovanni Mancuso.

The instrument of Peter characterizes so much the sound of the whole Ep, since he is involved in almost all the songs.

We met for a recording session in his home-studio, just a 5 minute walk from my place. And as soon as he started playing, I realized I had to left him a big degree of freedom: substantially just one take and almost no post-production.

What can I say? His vibraphone is something magical. And it was so mesmerizing to me to see him moving so easily with those mallets on the metal keys of the instrument. As well as being a virtuoso musician, as you will clearly hear, he’s also so classy…

Well, if I’m born again I play the vibraphone!

Thank you Peter…


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