Introducing… Katie English

I was lucky enough to know Katie through the collective Exquisite What, run by Barbara De Dominicis, to which I was invited by Tui (Orla Wren), a former member of the group. So it was not coincidence that the above-mentioned three have actively collaborated to “My Home, Sinking” first album, giving to it an important contribution.
Katie (aka Isnaj Dui) is London-based cellist and flautist and she boasts several critically acclaimed albums (Home Normal, Hibernate, Rural Colours, etc) and various collaborations with other nice artists. She was always very kind with me and open to any collaboration request. For “Sleet” she accepted to make a small cameo in a song, where her strings play a melodia made of gentle brush strokes of sound, as if it were a recitation of a distant mantra.
Katie – you can see her smile 
just by the bright look above – is a precious musician and it was really a pleasure for me to have her again on board

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