Introducing… Natalia Drepina

She is the muse, singer of tales, protagonist of the story narrated in “Sleet”.

She, who walks through the woods on fire in autumn colors. She, who rests on the water surface of an enchanted pond. She, who, with other priestesses, stages superb stories, whose dark plots are perceived just by the pictures that she takes with masterful precision, in terms of composition, details, frame. Because Natalia Drepina first of all is an amazing photographer.

Russian, it couldn’t be otherwise… just have a look at the settings of her works to understand it, Natalia seems to be coming out of the pages of Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita” or a dreamlike painting by Marc Chagall.

I first knew her thanks to a video on youtube made by a fan of my music and her photography, where music and images were melted together. At that time I was looking for a singer for “Sleet”, so I came up with the idea of asking her to collaborate with me, knowing that Natalia also has a suggestive musical project named Your Schizophrenia“, where the photographer plays the role of the poet and fascinates the listener with fragile spoken words.

Natalia is “Sleet”. No Natalia and nothing could have been. Her delicacy, her beauty, soft and sensuous, her very existence is itself Seduction, in its most powerful and dis-quiet way of being.

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