Introducing… Ian Hawgood

Since I firmly believe that mastering is an integral part of the creative process, I asked to who could add a touch of class to the whole EP, having care of the dynamics and infusing songs a sort of a vintage-vibe.

So here I introduce you to Ian Hawgood, wizard of the mastering, who had already taken care of My Home, Sinking first self-titled album. Ian Hawgood really does not need any presentations, owner of the great Home Normal, UK label, now also Japan based, he’s a musician and sound engineer. Please have a look here.

Ian has kindly agreed to work on the “Sleet” and, after a few conversations via email, we have come to the decision to make a reel-to-reel re-amp of the whole album, for adding a bit of analog saturation. I told Ian that many tracks were built from old tapes or recorded ex novo on my Tascam multi-track … and lastly, everything will be printed on audio cassette! So it couldn’t be otherwise.

Right now I‘m listening to the final result on various sound systems, to get an idea of  how it sounds rought, almost wild… Well, I hope you will like!

So it will be an audio cassette. Thanks also to Ian for his nice contribution.


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