Introducing… Marco Brunello

The “Sleet” family is not only made up of musicians, but also of those who have in any way contributed to the making of it. Although we are all users of digital music, for “Sleet” I didn’t want to give up the chance of having a physical support. Then after many thoughts, we decided (me and Giacomo Vianello) to go for a crafted packaging, made with handmade paper.

Our man could only be Marco Brunello. I know Marco since some time and he’s quiet and mysterious, a lonely wolf, but also actually a very good fellow. He is the master papermaker.

We went to met him in his paper mill, where he gathers used paper. He starts with steeping the paper into the water and then mashing the mix with a bender. He builds a “mask” with which he picks up the pulp from a tank where the same is mixed with glue. Then he finally let the sheets dry on a frame, if I understand how it works… His lab its called Cartiera Clandestina and it has something magical…

Marco is also an artist who does amazing things like this

or this
Thanks for what you’re doing mate! Much respect…

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