A little help from Stefano and Under My Bed recordings

Close to my home in Venice, Santa Croce, Calle Larga dei Bari, ther’s a small and friendly shop run by lovely girls. It’s called Nero di Seppia and, in addition to clothing accessories, furniture and many other things made by designers, artists and creative people, ther’s also a selection of music from some nice Italian labels. So, looking here and there, my attention has been caught by a small set of audio cassettes branded Under My Bed

Then I got in touch with Stefano Santabarbara, owner of the label, for asking him to help me in the distribution of a few copies of “Sleet”. I say a few copies because “Sleet” comes in ultra limited edition.

Stefano is also known as My Dear Killer, a dark folk project that, over the years, has achieved good success, releasing several albums with labels such as Eaten By Squirrels, Boring Machines, Grey Sparkle.

Thanks also to you Stefano for helping us and believing in the project… Much respect!

PS If you come to Venice find Giulia, Ilenia and Carlotta at Nero di Seppia shop, creative and brave people.

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