“Sleet” reviewed at CHAIN D.L.K.

The thorny stems on a white background of the sleeve artwork is the diaphragm of this lovely sensorial experience by My Home, Sinking, the project by which Venice-based musician Enrico Coniglio build an ideal bridge between his visionary approach to ambient music and acoustic instruments and the theme of the release, which got announced by the title of the first track “Super Sad True Love Story”, perfectly matches both the cassette format and the very first sensation that hits listener’s sense, which is not aural but olfactory. The scent from two dried brambles in a little sachet surrounds listener just like the melancholic music, finely crafted with the support of Piero Bittolo Bon (flute), Katie English (cello), Giovanni Natoli (drums) and Peter Paul Gallo (vibraphone), emphasizes the heart-rending somber story told by the voice of Natalia Drepina. The guessed balance of enchanted pastoral folk-like detours and electronics over the whole release erupts into a daydreaming drone just in the final part of this storytelling, when “Cold Stars” gives even more impetus to the narration. Just 66 copies have been printed of this graceful sonic trinket. I warmly reccomend to add one to your musical collection. [Vito Cammaretta]


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