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<<It’s moody and dark, it’s ambient and not just that and it is reaching for the outer limits of pop music (again, think 4AD and for instance This Mortal Coil). This is an excellent release>>. FdW

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A video for “King of Corns” by Elbowood production

There is something magical in these picts. Fairy tales are really more than true? The amazing Mónica Ferreira shooting for My Home, Sinking. An Elbowood production. Coming soon, we say…


My Home, Sinking – King of Corns

Piano: Elisa Marzorati
Vocals: Jessica Constable

Infraction Records 2017

Directed and Edited by Mónica Ferreira
Produced by Elbowood
Styled by Simon606
Performed by Ana Nascimento, Eduardo Nascimento and Simon 606


OUT NOW // MY HOME, SINKING – “King of Corns”(Infraction 2017)

OUT NOW // MY HOME, SINKING – “King of Corns” is finally out and it looks truly amazing. I want to thank Jason Bryant, owner of Infraction Records, for believing in the project and for his great work and support on the making of the album. It’s really a lovely *deluxe* edition that comes as double LP, 100 on white vinyl (140 gram) and 200 on black vinyl (180 gram). Also available on CD, 6 panel mini-lp with printed cardstock inner sleeve. Design by Chris Bigg, imagery by James Heginbottom. I really feel so honored and lucky…

You can stream the album at
I want to thank first Elisa Marzorati at the piano and Gabriele Mancuso at the viola, the whole album is built around their precious contribution. Then the three muses Jessica Constable, Violeta Paivankakkara and Chantal Acda. Thanks also to Peter Paul Gallo who is really an amazing vibraphone player and James Murray, talented and eclectic musician.
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First KoC review by Michele Palozzo at @Onda Rock web magazine

2017 (Infraction) | modern classical, chamber-folk


Il progetto parallelo My Home, Sinking incarna la vena più “romantica” del sound artist Enrico Coniglio, principalmente dedito a una ricerca immersiva nel suono naturale e le sue possibili relazioni con quello di matrice antropica. Con un self-titled nel 2013 e due anni più tardi “Sleet”, audiocassetta in edizione limitata, “King Of Corns” sembra portare a compimento il lento processo di maturazione poetica dell’autore – già espressa quest’anno nel delicato surrealismo di “Open To The Sea”, in duo con Matteo Uggeri – che da un’iniziale autonomia sul processo di registrazione e editing ha aperto sempre più le porte ai preziosi contributi di altri musicisti (sette gli ospiti qui coinvolti). More at