Hanging On The Edge Of Memories (Single)
Earthones 3 – Tessellate Recordings 2015


“Hanging On The Edge Of Memories”, a new song as My Home, Sinking on Earthtones Volume 3 compilation by Tessellate Recordings.

Enrico Coniglio: piano, duduk, vinyl sampling
Giacomo Vianello: field recordings e photograph

Mirco Salvadori: lyrics

Along the pipeline (Single)
Sequence 8 – Future Sequence 2014


The track “Along the pipeline” by My Home, Sinking has been selected for the last edition “SEQUENCE8″ of the free download compilation series curated by Future Sequences label. “Along the pipeline” is an unreleased track taken from a new work-in-progress album by My Home, Sinking, featuring Elisa Marzorati at the piano and James Murray at drones/noises/voices.

Descending (Single)
Italian Resonances | Dronegazers? – Oak editions 2014


The title of the work is “Italian Resonances | Dronegazers?”. It is an eight tracks album made by a seven artists collective composed by electroacoustic ambient musicians with a particular bent for drone music. Work has been commisioned by Fabrizio Garau from “TheNewNoise.it” , an italian webzine focused above all about alternative, experimental music.

The artists involved in the work are: Enrico Coniglio, Alberto Boccardi, Easychord, Attilio Novellino, Cristiano Deison, Giulio Aldinucci, Francesco Giannico. Remember we’re talking about a 100 copies album, so a limited edition in digifile format that you can already pre-order at oak-editions.com